General questions
FinixGrid is a community of creators here to help creators from all genre's be the best they creator they can!
Nothing at all! It's free.
Nope! Just join our community discord!
Becoming a Creator with FinixGrid is the easiest thing you will ever do, just do the following:
  • Put a Link to plus a short description of who we are and why you are part of us, somewhere on your channel (This applies for any channel you wish for us to promote, For streamers and video creators, we do have promotional images and videos)
  • Optional: When Creators are using their own Twitter accounts to promote themselves, if you tag @FinixGridSocial in the Tweet, FinixGridSocial will retweet this.
  • Join the FinixGrid Discord and check out the #rules channel.
We use Discord because it allows us to communicate instantly with every creator in our networking, allowing our support and community to be 24/7.
FinixGrid doesn't focus on numbers or views of our creators or even our network, we only care about one thing: Helping Creators Succeed. We prioritize treating every creator the same, regardless of views or social ranking. FinixGrid is about helping creators find creative friends, learn more about their industry and help them grow their audiences.
There are a number of reasons why you should join us:
  • Individual support from Expert Creators!
  • Free promotion across our network.
  • Exclusive promotions offered by FinixGrid and our sponsors.
  • Access to free gaming servers provided by FinixGrid and our sponsors.
  • Access to free gaming servers provided by FinixGrid and our sponsors.
  • It's free, and there are no contracts. Why wouldn't you join?
Working with FinixGrid
Becoming a FinixGrid Brand Ambassador is the best way to get on the FinixGrid staff.